Dress A Girl Around the World - SF Bay Area

Imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one new dress

Request for Dresses for Mission Trips

We appreciate you taking dresses with you as part your mission outreach.  Dress A Girl Around the World and Hope 4 Women, Intl ask that all dresses be distributed according to these guidelines.  Please read them carefully and fill out the request below.

Circumstances in third world countries can be difficult, please take a moment and share with your team the importance of dressing a girl rather than handing a girl a dress or leaving it with staff in your destination country.

  1. Please ask your destination contact how many girls will be served.
  2.  Please ask them to incorporate Dress A Girl into your outreach so there is time to interact, if briefly, with each girl.
  3. Please ask if you can take photos of the girls in their new dresses.
  4. Greet each girl and let them know you and Jesus love them. If culturally appropriate, a gentle touch helps too.
  5. Have the dresses separated into sizes (baby, small, medium, large and extra large can work well) before you start dressing the girls. Try and find an area that is not completely open… so that the coming and the going of the girls can be done in an organized way. For example, use a vehicle or building behind you so that people are not coming up from that side and dress a few girls at a time.   Put the dress on the girl, over her existing clothing, to maintain her dignity and take a photo of the girl in her new dress. If there is a large crowd of girls I like to have them all seated on the ground and with the help of local leaders (this is a important part of the process as local leaders know the girls and can help with organizing the area so no one rushes forward) bring a few girls at a time to where we are handing out the dresses. Make that time with each girl “their time” as they receive their first new dress. Please make sure the elastic goes in front and back—not the “armhole”.
  6.  From the field or when you return home, please share the photos with us.
  7. We will share the photos with the ladies who made the dresses and with your permission, we will post the photos on our local website or the national Dress A Girl Around the World website. 


Please contact Suzanne 925-352-8447 with any questions. God Bless You

Please contact Suzanne 925-352-8447 with any questions. God Bless You

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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