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End of Year Letter from Rachel, DAG founder

Good Morning from Iowa!

The snow is just covering the ground, glistening in the sunlight! The other day all the trees were covered with frost. When the sun came out the frost came floating down like flakes of glitter! It’s beautiful here! My horses and dogs and husband are thriving!

Thank you for your service in 2018! You will never know what a blessing you are to us, to girls around the world, and to women who are attending your sewing events! We hear from so many women who are sewing and their lives have taken on new meaning as they create beautiful dresses and pray for the girls who will receive them. I know you hear stories all the time as well from the women who are in your sewing circles.

We are beginning to compile Dress a Girl stories and will be writing a book in 2019—sharing the stories of hope through this ministry. If you or your sewers or missionaries have stories you are willing to share on life altering differences through making or distributing dresses please send them to me.

We have been including “We want to know you” pages with much of our correspondence —orders/receipts, etc. I’m attaching the sheet here. We love getting these back. They go to Louaine who is a board member and our DAG artist. She takes these sheets seriously and sends out birthday notes, cards of encouragement, etc. She and her husband have a great little cabin on their property where they relax in the evening and pray together. Each night they pray over the prayer requests that people have sent to us.

We have also started a prayer mantle ministry—we have a volunteer who knits hats and shawls and prays over each one—this is new to us here at headquarters but felt since there are so many women who are passionately involved in Hope 4 Women International and Dress a Girl and yet are suffering with health problems that we want to give them a covering of prayer. We have sent out two hats so far and the responses from the two women brought us to tears! We want to do many more and are hoping for other volunteers who don’t sew but love to knit/crochet and pray for others to be a part of the prayer mantle ministry.

We hosted a camp out in October at our little acreage here in Iowa. It was so much fun with women getting together and sharing ideas and food. We relaxed in the evening around the campfire. It was a bit cold so we are looking at doing it again but in the summer next time :)

Next year is Dress a Girl’s 10th birthday!! We are thinking we would love to have a Dress a Girl Birthday Sew-in. We are looking at Des Moines for those in the area or whoever wants to come and those of you who love hosting can do it on the same day at your locations and we will figure out how to check in with one another and share a fabulous Dress a Girl Around the World Day! I’d love to hear your thoughts/ideas on this!

I LOVE how several of you feature and promote our sponsored women at your events! Thanks to you and the efforts of others we have sponsored 149 women this past year!! In Lisa’s report to the board last month we had 119 sponsored and her goal was 150! So one more and she will meet her goal! Thank you so much!!! If you would like more information on this program please email Lisa@h4wi.org

As we wind down this phenomenal year please remember to send me your count of dresses that have gone out this past year! Several of you already have sent the numbers and to which countries! THANK YOU! I’ve projected that if everyone is diligent to send in the number of dresses distributed this year our total sent out in the last nine years will be 1.5 million dresses. I’m sure it’s more than that but I can only count what is reported so PLEASE let me know!

One of my goals for 2019 is to get out there more—to meet the volunteers who make up Hope 4 Women and Dress a Girl! Without you and your many volunteers we are nothing. We appreciate you more than I can ever say! You are the real heroes of this organization!

If you would like to have me speak at your event I would be honored. I ask that your group/church would provide lodging and a plane ticket if it’s a great distance. Email me and we can work out the details! If I’m in an area already and you are having an event I would love to pop in and meet as many women as I can.

I counted 66 Dress a Girl Facebook Pages!!!

I’m looking into becoming an ordained minister but you don’t have to call me Pastor Raych :) I’ll still just be Rachel.

I love you girls and I pray that your Christmas will be the best yet!

Let me know if I can pray for you.

Merry Christmas! Looking forward to a beyond our wildest dreams 2019!

Please feel free to pass this along to your valued sewers.


Rachel Eggum Cinader
President of Hope 4 Women International

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