Dress A Girl Around the World - SF Bay Area

Imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one new dress

Welcome to 

Dress A Girl Around the World for the SF Bay !

We are happy that you found us and hope you'll join us as we make simple dresses for little girls all over the world.  



**Each Dress A Girl Around the World chapter is semi-autonomous, in that we know what dresses are requested by the missions to whom we send.  In our SF Bay Area chapter, we will only accept the sundress pattern unless you have made prior arrangements with us to make a dress using another pattern.  Please make sure that you follow our GUIDELINES when submitting dresses.


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Some QUICK UPDATES - January 2021

 It's JANUARY 2021!

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We were the fortunate recipient of DAME's (Danville Artisan Makers Expo) 2019 fundraiser, and it was a huge success!  Check out the details here!