Dress A Girl Around the World - SF Bay Area

Imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one new dress


Sometimes we get great photos back from the receiving countries.  Here are just a few, most recent ones are first.

Egypt - November 2019

Huge thanks to Bruce & Yvonne Crawford and Susan Wacek for delivering these dresses on a recent trip to Egypt!

Cambodia - February 2019

Our very own DAG members Bruce & Yvonne Crawford delivered dresses to a school in Cambodia.

Ukraine - January 2019

Sent out by our group from Lafayette:  Dr. Patti Francis took 33 dresses to the Ukraine

Mexico - January 2019

Sent out by our group that sews in Lafayette, CA:  “The girls have been wearing the dresses for the last couple of days. The weather was cool but it did not stop them from putting them on over their clothes. As you can see from the pictures, they were delighted. Thank you so much!!!!”

Haiti - January 2019

Dresses sent with Healing Hearts International (www.healingheartsii.org).  Thanks Rebecca Peterson

Philippines - December 2018

Dresses sent to the Galiken Center in the Philippines, thanks to Rose Sison of Fremont, working with Alaminos, Philippines Bishop Jesus Cabrera.  They arrived just in time for Christmas!

Dominican Republic - December 2018

Peru - October 2018

Dresses were delivered to Fr. John Proschaka (formerly of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Fremont) in Peru by members of OLG who went to visit.  Click here to read more about Fr. John and his ministry in Peru!

Thailand - May 2018

The Congo - April 2018

Ginny and her Lafayette group sent 30 dresses to the Congo and got these pictures back!

Haiti - March 2018

Patti, with Global Health Outreach said that handing out the dresses was the most rewarding part of her trip, tho'  it was hard to get the girls to smile, they have not had much to be happy about. 


Miscellaneous Destinations