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Fundraiser October 4, 2019
(Danville Artisan Makers E

HUGE thanks to Marcia Harmon of Cottage Jewel in Danville for choosing Dress A Girl as the recipient charity for her annual DAME fundraiser! Each year Marcia works hard to make this show a success for all and the entrance fees are then donated to the chosen charity.  As a result, we are the recipient of over $2600!

Thanks to all the awesome vendors, generous customers, and the wonderful DAG volunteers, who went early to set up an informational Dress A Girl booth near the entrance complete with dozens of adorable dresses hanging everywhere, a mailing list sign up, and even a table showing a dress kit in various stages of completion!  (I had a crazy schedule on Saturday, so this was such a big gift to me...I'm usually the 'driver' behind any project, and it was so amazing to get there and have this all done and done so well!!) So thank you so much to Pam, Terry, Helen, Cathy, Laura, Sandy, Jenny, Gigi (and sorry if I forgot anyone!)  Pam tells about the day:  "They were lined up around the block around 9 am waiting to get in!  We made $2,162 on entry fees alone! We also signed up lots of interested sewers and helpers--a whole page--and many who wanted to make donations of cotton quilting materials. At the end of the day, when Marcia announced the total donation to DAG, the whole Legion Hall erupted in applause. It was an incredible day of good will until the very last donation. People were so kind and generous about our mission, several people just gave me a twenty dollar bill instead of the $5 entry and said, 'keep it, and keep doing your good work.'" How cool is that?!!

In addition, Wooden Gate Quilts donated $455 of their day's profits to us, so be sure to visit their store and thank them (125-F, Railroad Ave, Danville). Please visit Marcia's store, Cottage Jewel (100 W Prospect Ave, Danville) and thank her as well!
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