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Sewing Tips

Having Sewing 'ISSSSUES'?  Maybe we can help!
Bobbin issues - Who DOESN't have bobbin issues?
Here's help!
Sewing table too cluttered to sew? Here's help!

And here are some special tips that might help when sewing our Sun Dresses!  Be sure to share your tips!

Stitch in the Ditch technique for bias tape
Do you have trouble attaching bias tape to the armholes?  If you are just beginning, this "Stitch in the Ditch" technique might be just what you need! Click here to download the easy instructions.

click here to watch our helpful video!
How to sew on a button - let me count the ways! 

Check out this awesome image, showing a multitude of different ideas for sewing on buttons. Definitely a way to add a new design element and couture touch to your creations!
Sewing Tips
Sewing Tips for DAG SF Bay Area
Use toe separators to store bobbins!
 Have you ever used a BODKIN?  Coolest thing since sliced 

bread for threading elastic through your casing!  

Order here, you won't regret it!
How to use a bodkin
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